Shkelzen SYLAJ -

Shkelzen (Emin) SYLAJ – General Secretary
He was born on November 08, 1961 in Prishtina

Master Studies on - Emergency Medical Management by the University of Prishtina
Specialization in Psychiatry Branch, Specialist of Psychiatry by the University of Prishtina
Faculty of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine by the University of Prishtina
Secondary School in Drenas
Elementary School in Drenas

On 22.06.2011, by the decision of the Government of Kosovo is appointed General Secretary of the Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force.
2008 - 22.06.2011 – Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the Kosovo Security Force
2002 - 2008 Commander of the Medical Battalion 40th
2000 - 2005 Resident in the Psychiatric Clinical Centre - Prishtina
1999 - 2002 Chief of Staff in the Medical Battalion 40th
1999 - 2001 Doctor to the House Health in Drenas
1998 - 1999 Member of the Kosovo Liberation Army - Doctor in the Drenica Operational Zone
1991 - 1997 Manager of the Private Trade Enterprise “NTPQ” in Drenas

Workshop on Principal Leader by the HQ KFOR
Seminar on Colonel by the HQ KFOR
School of Command-Headquarter in the Training and Doctrine Command 
Seminar on leader in the Training and Doctrine Command 
Management of emergencies and public health in Israel
Senior Officers Course "George Marshall" in Germany
Defense Management Course
Florida Telemedicine Program
Presentation Certificate by the Camp Bondsteel
Medical Congress by the Oncologist Association
Psychiatry and Society by the Albanian League of Psychiatry
Leadership Development Programme by the HQ KFOR
Health Care Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo
Medical Seminar by the Doctors' Association
Scope of Thinking by the American Psychiatric Institute

Boasting on duties performance with dedication
Gratitude on given contribution to the reformation and advancement of nursing in Kosovo
Gratitude on work and dedication in the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC)
Boasting on commitment, discipline and tireless work in the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) 
Gratitude on given contribution in the Health House “Hafir Shala" in Drenas
Boasting on tireless work and exemplary dedication
Gratitude on duties performance and contribution about development and strengthening of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) 
Knowledge of languages:  
Albanian – Native Language  
Serbo-Croatian   – Excellent  
English – Excellent 

Marital Status: Married and has five children (three girls and two boys)

Walking in nature, swimming and gymnastics.


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