Kosovo’s President promoted KSF minority members

Today in the “New Born” barracks of KSF in Gjilan, took part the promotion ceremony of KSF non majority members.

Part of this ceremony were Kosovo’s president Mr. Hashim Thaçi, KSF minister Mr Rustem Berisha, KSF Commander LTG Rrahman Rama, other generals: Gezim Hazrolli, Enver Cikaqi, General Ralf Hofmann NALT director, RRB Commander Colonel Xhevahir Geci, US defense attaché Juan Murillo and KSF officers and NCO.

Ceremony commenced by playing the Kosovo national anthem. During his speech the President of Kosovo Mr. Hashim Thaçi congratulate KSF for building a professional force. All inclusive and in service of all KSF citizens.

“Today we are promoting five members of KSF. All of them come from non majority  communities, by adding their presence in KSF and contributing in achieving our goal for our security force. After passing all mandatory test and trainings, these KSF members, from now on, will carry on the rank of KSF NCO-s. All those trainings and test that KSF members have to go through are set by NATO in line with their standards”.

Furthermore Mr. Presidnt Thaçi, added that with this promotion is aimed the professionalism of KSF, close to NATO level. “ KSF has upgraded its professionalism and preparation at highest level. So far has carried out any task given, with responsibility, professionalism and impartiality. KSF has become a very high-rate-approval force. Has become and institution that contributes  for peace and stability in Kosovo, for a peaceful and safe lives for all citizens. Witnessing these KSF achievements, we are convinced that this force is able to get new responsibilities, new duties, and contribute to the peace and security outside Kosovo”. 
While KSF minister Mr. Rustem Berisha in his speech said: “today’s ceremony gladdens my heart because its i implies that KSF has become a trustful force for all Kosovo’s citizens, multiethnic force, open for all and serving all”. while addressing to the promoted ones minister Berisha said: “this proves that you as a Kosovo’s citizen  have chosen a right path when decided to join KSF, as a structure of all citizens regardless, ethnic, race and gender background.“. Furthermore minister Berisha said: “We are committed for sustainable integration of communities in KSF, and in terms of this, we are pushing hard in this direction to achieve our goals for integration, but also in promotion and the KSF structure. This is proved by our citizens, by rating the KSF as the most trustful institution in the country”.

In the end minister Berisha by congratulating promoted members said, “We will work in advancing education and training for non majority members, to achieve the foreseen professional standards, and enabling them to take big responsibilities which will lead to new promotions” 

Subsequently incumbent president Mr. Hashim Thaçi, minister Berisha, KSF commander general Rama, Colonel Xhevahir Geci and NLAT deputy director general Ralf Hoffmann, promoted NCO: Marjan Paunovic, Lubisha Demic, Milosh Periç, Gyner Xhymshiti and Xhezair Hasani.

All non- majority promoted members said they feel happy serving in KSF, while promotion was perceived by them as a privilege, so in the future they will contribute more to prove their trust for their superiors.

Part of this ceremony were also press representatives.


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