Brigadier General Enver Cikaqi stayed for an official visit to the Turkish Army

Prishtinë, on 23 October 2012

Upon the invitation of the Commander of Training and Doctrine Command of Turkey, General Servet Yoruk, Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command of the KSF, Brigadier General Enver Cikaqi together with a delegation of the TRADOC officers, stayed for an official visit daily five in Turkey.

KSF delegation was received from the commander of TRADOC, Turkey, the four-star general, Servet Yoruk. The two generals during the meeting they discussed bilateral achievements, as well as possible areas of cooperation between them.

Meetings were held in the framework of the Memorandum of bilateral cooperation between the Ministry of KSF and Ministry of Defense of the Turkish army.

General Cikaqi, TRADOC commander to the KSF, while in Ankara and Istanbul, visited many military schools of the TRADOC, where the commanders of Turkish schools, is familiar with school programs and various military fields, as well as for the preparation of cadets in these schools.

KSF delegation during their stay in Turkey, has also visited the Turkish Military Academy, where they were received from the Commander of the Academy, Brigadier General Murat Jetkin, in waiting, as well as were the six KSF cadets who are conducting education in this academy (school last 4 years).

In Istanbul, General Cikaqi, stayed in Doctrine and Planning Department and Publications, Cabinet of the EOD, which was received from Major General Gyktyrk. Gykbajrak who announced General Cikaqi, school programs, the implementation different courses within the school, the school of foreign languages (where he met the KSF cadets who they are attending the Turkish language course at this school).

In the end, General Cikaqi expressed willingness of Turkish Party, to assist KSF in all other areas and activities where needed the Training and Doctrine Command of the KSF. General Cikaqi, on behalf of TRADOC, thanked Turkey's Training and Doctrine Command, for cooperation and assistance in the training of members of the KSF.


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