The KSF Recruits from non-majority population have graduated

At the graduation ceremony took part President of Republic of Kosovo, Mr.Hashim Thaçi, Minister for Kosovo Security Force (MKSF) , Mr.Haki Demolli, Commander of the Kosovo Security Force Lt. Gen. Rrahman Rama, US Ambassador in Kosovo , Mr. Greg Delawie, Officers and NCOs as well recruit`s familiar , guests and others.

At the graduation ceremony of the KSF members from non-majority community, President of Rep. Of Kosovo and as a Supreme Commander of the KSF congratulated the new KSF recruits   for choice that they have made in service to the country as soldier of the Kosovo Security Force.

On this occasion, President of Republic of Kosovo , Mr. Thaçi  spoke on the KSF future respectively its transformation , saying that ; in accordance with Strategically Security Sector Review recommendations and in fully coordination with our strategically partners , we are working to make completion of the KSF transformation process into Kosovo Armed Forces.

At the end, Mr. Hashim Thaqi said that the transformation of the KSF is a process which went through different stages but, all times towards reaching a clear objective and profitable for our citizens without difference, mentioning, also to have achieved final steps and these steps will be made together and in full coordination with our Allies.

Whereas, outgoing Minister of MKSF, Mr.Haki Demolli, on the occasion of recruits graduation among other said; “Today, on this occasional ceremony, I am honored to congratulate your successfully certification to the “Generation of the KSF recruits 2017 being trained by Doctrine and Training Command (TRADOC) .The certification of 61 recruits after completion of the intensive training – 9 nine weeks is the next step for upgrading and completion of the KSF staff. And, this provides a good basis towards our path to make realization of our legal objectives that are creation of operational force, flexible and professional one which will be capable to accomplish its duties with commitment and exactness. 

Moreover, today`s graduation has its specific because through it not only will be made accomplishment of human resources of the KSF structure but will be completed full filling of the KSF members number who comes from non-majority community who lives in Kosovo by presenting the ethnic diversity at satisfaction scale of our country. The certified recruits of today mainly are Serbian and Montenegrin. This fact make us happy because it proves that the KSF is made an endear force, trustful for all Kosovo`s citizens, opened and in service of all”.
Minister Demolli, at the end thanked familiars of recruits who encouraged their kids to become part of the KSF, thus, doing the right thing.

At the end,  was provided ceremony of awarding certificates where the recruits do oath for service in the Kosovo Security Force.


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