Minister Demolli: Partner Countries have a great role to promote skills and capacities of the KSF

In Ministry for Kosovo Security Force (MKSF) today,, started the three –days- the sixth  Conference, ,,KSF and Partners” with participation of representatives of Armies of the partner countries of MKSF and the KSF and Local Security Institutions.

On this occasion in the opening remark of conference proceedings, Minister Haki Demolli said that the intention of the conference “KSF and Partners” is cooperation growth of MKSF/KSF and partner countries as well synchronization of activities in way that MKSF and KSF have the support to make development of a capable and professional Force. 

Further on, Minister Demolli said that the countries respectively partner armies of the KSF have a great role to promote skills and capabilities of it. Mr. Demolli added that all the KSF achievements were made in cooperation with its bilateral partners and their daily support in conformity with NATO standards.

Minister of KSF, Mr. Haki Demolli, talking about the transformation process said that the development of the KSF at a future stage is essential for the Republic of Kosovo, for the citizens and communities living here. "We can remain ready to support our institutions by achieving our goal of being a force for the benefit of our country, contributing to peace and security in the region and facing security challenges together for a safer world ".
At the end ,  Minister Demolli said that MKSF and KSF in this conference will present to you the achievements, support requests in the areas that we have identified as the most important to further develop our capabilities, and I believe very much, as so far done , your support will be powerful.

Whereas , on his speech Commander of Kosovo Security force , Lt.Gen.Rrahman Rama has thanked Military Attaches of the partner countries , participant at the conference for their continuous contribution that their countries are giving and still are doing that in the KSF building, developing and professionalization of it.
The KFOR Commander, General Giovani Fungo, and the Director of the NATO Advisory and Liaison Team for MKSF / KSF, General Dietmar Mosmann, also, presented with a greeting speech at the conference.
At the plenary session, the head of the conference, Lieutenant Colonel Ali Krasniqi, Acting Director of the Department of Cooperation and Security, presented the recent achievements of the KSF in the field of cooperation and security, while Lieutenant Colonel Enver Voca presented an outline of KSF commitments in exercises abroad.

Whereas , the Attaché of countries such as Albania, Croatia, Germany, Turkey, United Kingdom, and U.S , Officers , Col. Ahmet Leka, LTC. Mladen Cernicki, LTCl Martin Herrmann, LTC Rusen Abidinoglu, LTC. Richard Perry and LTC Brian Delvin presented the offers proposed and supporting capacities which are available to the Kosovo Security Force for the years 2017 and 2018.

At the Conference  ,,KSF and Partners’’ are taking part Accredited Attaches in Kosovo and Region of the partner countries such as: Albania , Croatia , Belgium, Slovenia, Czech Republic , Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, Netherland, Turkey ,United Kingdom, as well representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Ministry of European Integration, Ministry of Interior Affairs , Kosovo police and Emergency Management  Agency.

Attended the Conference, Dep/Minister, Muhamet Latifi, General Secretary, Shkëlzen Sylaj, Director of Directorate for Operations in MKSF, BG. Zymer Halimi,Director of Directorate of Policy and Plans. Faruk Geci, Dep/Commander of Land Force Command, BG. Gëzim Hazrolli, Director of Directorate for Operation and Training BG Nazmi Brahimaj, Commander of Doctrine and Training of the KSF, BG Enver Cikaqi,Chief of LFC Staff , Col. Naim Haziri, Officers of the NALT Advisory Team to Ministry of KSF  as well Senior  Officers and Officials  of Ministry and Kosovo Security Force.  


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