Commander Rrahman Rama attended to Cadet`s Graduation Ceremony of the KSF in Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst

LTC. Xhevahir Hasanaj won medal “The best International Cadet”

Commander of the Kosovo Security Force, Lt. Gen. Rrahman Rama in frame of official visit in United Kingdom , today attended , also graduation ceremony in Royal Military Academy in  LTC in Sandhurst where are expected to be graduated Second Lieutenant of the KSF,  Xhevahir Hasanaj and Arlind Bajrami.

Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Mrs. Theresa May was the one who inspected cadets and on the behalf of her Excellency Queen Elisabeth, awarded medal to LTC. Xhavihir Hasanaj as well certification to the cadets who completed studies there.
On this occasion of medal awards to the KSF Officer . Xhevahir Hasanajt, the cadet with best results out of all International  Officer-Cadets , Commander of the KSF. LTC. Rrahman Rama said that the bets result of the KSF Officer has particular importance to the Kosovo Security Force but throughout Kosovo. “I am privileged to be here today , at the quality of Commander to honored this occasion organized  by this prestigious Academy which every time is making the new officers , making us proud for their results” said General Rama.

Attended the ceremony expect Commander of the KSF, President of Republic of Kosovo , Mr. Hashim Thaçi; Ambassador of Kosovo to United Kingdom , Mr.Lirim Graiçevci; then , Col. Xhevahir Geci, Acting/Commander of Rapid Reaction Brigade (RRB) , LTC. Ali Krasniqi, Chief of Department for Cooperation and Security in ministry for kOosdvo Security Force as well LTC. Gregor Lindsay.

After 12 months education in Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, of United Kingdom today the KSF Officer Xhevahir Hasanaj won the medal “The best International Cadet”.

This is the second time that an Cadet Officer from Kosovo won the price as the best international cadet taking into consideration that in the year 2015, LTC Ismail Hoxha had won the silver sword.



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