KSF began humanitarian blood donating activity

Today, in the Ministry of Kosovo Security facility began the humanitarian blood donating activity that will go on for two weeks in all KSF barracks.

Activity is organized by the Department for Civil-Military Cooperation in coordination with MKSF Medical Department and is being executed National Blood Transfusion Center and KSF medical Company.

This humanitarian action has been going on for several years now in KSF through two phases within a year. Based on the NBTC Mr. Fadil Mahmuti, the turnout of MKSF civilians and KSF members is pretty high, since first day, more than 30 KSF members responded the call.  .

KSF has already gained tradition in humanitarian action for blood donation, with watchword: a drop of blood saves a life, says dr Xhevdet Tahiraj, director of directory at MKSF medical department. 

Humanitarian action to voluntarily give blood will continue for next two weeks in all KSF barracks.


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