KSF minister and commander both paying tributes to martyrs cemetery in Recak.

Today, MKSF minister Mr. Haki Demolli and KSF commander  LT general Rrahman Rama along with MKSF/KSF senior staff took part in 18 anniversary of Reqak massacre in Recak, honoring all martyrs and those fallen for freedom. 

Minister Haki Demolli along with prime minister of Republic of Kosovo Mr. Isa Mustafa paid tributes and laid wreath  in Recak cemetery , while KSF commander LT general Rraham Rama along with deputy minister Mr. Muhamet Latifi and senior MKSF and KSF staff paid tributes and laid wreaths in Recak cemetery honoring all martyrs and victims in Recak..

MKSF minister Mr. Haki Demolli, in this occasion highly hailed the sacrifice of people of Recak and their contribution for freedom of Kosovo.


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