The KSF Units cleaned roads from the snow

Specialized Units from the Engineering of the Kosovo Security Force took part on snow cleaning of lot of roads in some dwelling places in Kosovo which were blocked due to the heavy snow falls and low temperatures.

Upon request of Situation Center and Agency for Emergency Management, the KSF Units get out in the terrain and opened up some roads which used to be freezing from the snow in Municipalities Artanë, Dragashi and village Berisha.                  

In the Novoberde Municipality are cleaned roads of some villages of this Municipality inhabited mainly by mixed population Albanian and Serbian. Also it has been cleaned up road to village Berisha where settled transmitting antennas and devices are.

The KSF Units continue to be ready in case of any request from Situation Center of Kosovo`s Government that in any case to do intervention in the road cleaning in order to help out the Kosovo`s citizens.


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